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Taryn-Rahl_Ballerina-shoot_0083Taryn-Rahl_Ballerina-shoot_0079One of the prettiest engagement shoots I have seen to date ! Think fairy tale in the forest as bride-to-be Beate strapped on her points and tightened her ‘tutu’ to captivate the likes of her handsome fiancé Johannes. Different, daring and yet so true to the couple, this engagement shoot is a dreamy reflection of true life through a romantic lens. Beate, a real life ballerina, will undoubtedly be a graceful bride without difficulty.

And no wonder The Pretty Blog is nominated for the Best International Wedding Blog in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards. I have been a long standing fan of their work because they can almost make anything look so pretty.

“You collect things for a number of reasons – maybe you think you’ll need to use it later, it has sentimental value, or you spent good money on it so you feel you need to keep the item, even if you haven’t touched or used it in weeks, months, or years.

You might be holding on to that book you bought a year ago that you swear you’ll read or those killer pair of shoes that you’ll bring out for just the right occasion.

But the reality is, you probably made a mistake in buying those things and it literally hurts your brain to come to terms with that fact.”

– Mikael Cho, The Noise of Stuff

Secret Operation _ fishing for smiles _2

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After I came across the post about Secret Operation 610 on Design Boom’s blog, I have literally become obsessed with the unconventional work of Dutch design and research studio Rietveld Landscape.

Half sculpture and half research center, the Secret Operation 610 art installation of Rietveld Landscape and Studio Havermans is a moving object that crawls through the landscape of a former cold war military base during the Vrede van Utrecht 2013 festival (the peace of Utrecht). It moves at an excruciatingly slow pace allowing its visitor to experience the area and the history of the military airbase in new ways. Everything about this aircraft is so science fiction – it’s wings that descend to the ground, it’s futuristic interiors and the weaponry context.

While you’re at it, also look through Rietveld Landscape’s other projects .




Agence France-Presse compiled a package from photographers around the world documenting children going to school. This is a selection of their images giving insight into the lives of students in various countries.

This is such a wonderful series of pictures capturing the essence of education around the world – in some you can see the desire to learn, even in some very tough conditions while in others you can tell how education has now become one of the most essential needs. Very touching!

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The art of Krump

The Art of Krump

Wig is such a lovely playful flower vase designed by Tania Da Cruz. I am quite a fan of floral crowns and own a couple myself. So, this vase would be just the ideal addition to my collection.

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Timber Speaker 2

Timbre Speaker


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As global monoculture erodes cultural diversity, the variety of tribal festivals and rituals is a reminder that humans have diverse insights, different priorities, and choose other – successful – ways of living.

For tribal people, their life completely revolves around rituals and the spirits who watch over them. These images are from the Survival International website gallery, an organisation who is working towards the rights of tribal people worldwide. Tribals worldwide are being threatened off their land to make room for more construction and development and without their homelands, the fabric of their identity collapses. If you are interested to support their cause, you can do so here.

(All images © Survival)

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