unmarked fa 2013 .7-900009Super pair of hand-crafted boots by Unmarked. Wish they’d also have these for women.




I really want one of these floating vase’s by Japanese designer Taku Omura.

Once on water, the vase becomes indistinguishable from the surrounding fluid, making the flower appear as if arranged directly onto the water, creating a beautiful ripple like pattern.


fishing_woodchuckcaseI like the idea of having a wooden cover for my I-phone like the one above from Woodchuck.


Beautiful jewellery by sisters Danielle and Jodie.




Look at these pictures !! Look at those dresses !! Nadia Tarr’s collection is more than just pretty dresses but I can’t get my focus off them right now. Thanks to Diana of Miss Moss, I discovered Nadia.

Nadia is a former dancer and choreographer, now turned fashion designer, which is quite evident when you look at the free flowing silhouettes and graceful, elegance of her collection. I would want to own one of each of these styles.

Below are pictures from her campaigns – just speechless !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images © Nadia Tarr


So in addition to good news about the Royal Baby, car lovers like me have another reason to rejoice about because Bentley Motors have ended all speculations by confirming that it will proceed with the development of the Bentley SUV which will go on sale in 2016. The car hasn’t been named yet but is likely to create over 1000 jobs in the UK.

It is not confirmed yet if the SUV would look like the 2012 EXP 9 F concept as seen in the pictures above, ride on the successful Falcon tag or offer a plug-in hybrid version and three-row seating. But you can read the press release officially confirming the new SUV here.

And to add to the mood, I am posting this wonderful video by Public Records called The Real Thing which is a short documentary about custom hot rod builder Bodie Stroud and his re-imagining of a classic Mustang by way of an extremely rare and powerful motor built specifically for legendary racer Mario Andretti’s 1969 Can Am series race car.



13I would love to have one of these electric scooters.

Called the ‘Be.e scooter’, the e-scooter is said to be “the greenest scooter ever”, as it’s frameless monocoque body is made from flax and bio-resin.

The body acts like an eggshell, thus making the scooter lightweight—but it’s also fiber-reinforced, which makes it just as strong.

Fitted with a 600W charger that can charge at 20km/h, the Be.e allows users to ride for up to two-hours at about 60km/h in hot or cold weather.

What a truely wonderful idea.

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