Play dot to dot The aim: To create a website for creatives to take their mind off work for a short while. The result: A connect-the-dot game brought back to life in the digital space.


Wig is such a lovely playful flower vase designed by Tania Da Cruz. I am quite a fan of floral crowns and own a couple myself. So, this vase would be just the ideal addition to my collection.

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3dailpoetry-Ingrid Hulskamp4dailpoetry-Ingrid Hulskamp8dailpoetry-Ingrid Hulskamp9dailpoetry-Ingrid Hulskamp17dailpoetry-Ingrid Hulskamp

27-year-old Dutch designer Ingrid Hulskamp describes herself as a ‘design poet’. “My aim is to enchant people with the use of poetic, playful and sophisticated design.” She developed this series of “contemplative toys for adults”, reminding us of the candid fun we had as children, totally caught up in the moment. Watch the video to get a better picture.

Daily Poetry: Toys for contemplation from Ingrid Hulskamp on Vimeo.

Kinematics allows every child to build his own robot, wirelessly and without complicated assembly instructions.

It is a modular robotic construction kit, consisting of kinetic modules and adaptor blocks, which can be connected freely and without the use of cables. Kinematics is suitable for children from the age of 5 years and upwards, and with no computer skills being necessary, they may build interactive robots which have the ability to move. Exploring and playing with the Kinematic Blocks introduces children to the world of mechanics, sensors and renewable energy.


So as I finish packing my bags and take off for a change of scenery, maybe a little disconnected too, this is my last post from home. There will certainly be a lot more pictures and stuff to talk about on my return from surfers paradise, Gold Coast in Australia followed by more sun and sand in Goa, India. Till then, Au Revoir friends.


@ppreciate is such a beautiful and simple online tool designed to promote positivity and appreciation among young people. It was launched by the Australian Government today in the wake of increasing cyberbullying incidents that get reported, especially among youth.

Go and try it yourself – send a positive image-based message to yourself or your friends. It’s also very mobile friendly.




I love the idea of having indoor swings. Who says that growing up means having to let go of the fun and freedom of swinging from trees or in this case from your living room rafters?


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