Taryn-Rahl_Ballerina-shoot_0083Taryn-Rahl_Ballerina-shoot_0079One of the prettiest engagement shoots I have seen to date ! Think fairy tale in the forest as bride-to-be Beate strapped on her points and tightened her ‘tutu’ to captivate the likes of her handsome fiancé Johannes. Different, daring and yet so true to the couple, this engagement shoot is a dreamy reflection of true life through a romantic lens. Beate, a real life ballerina, will undoubtedly be a graceful bride without difficulty.

And no wonder The Pretty Blog is nominated for the Best International Wedding Blog in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards. I have been a long standing fan of their work because they can almost make anything look so pretty.



Agence France-Presse compiled a package from photographers around the world documenting children going to school. This is a selection of their images giving insight into the lives of students in various countries.

This is such a wonderful series of pictures capturing the essence of education around the world – in some you can see the desire to learn, even in some very tough conditions while in others you can tell how education has now become one of the most essential needs. Very touching!

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The art of Krump

The Art of Krump

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As global monoculture erodes cultural diversity, the variety of tribal festivals and rituals is a reminder that humans have diverse insights, different priorities, and choose other – successful – ways of living.

For tribal people, their life completely revolves around rituals and the spirits who watch over them. These images are from the Survival International website gallery, an organisation who is working towards the rights of tribal people worldwide. Tribals worldwide are being threatened off their land to make room for more construction and development and without their homelands, the fabric of their identity collapses. If you are interested to support their cause, you can do so here.

(All images © Survival)

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FOUND – National Geographic

Irina Werning 12 Irina Werning 11 Irina Werning 10 Irina Werning 9 Irina Werning 8 Irina Werning 7 Irina Werning 6 Irina Werning 3 Irina Werning 2 Irina Werning 1Irina Werning 13

Do you like taking a walk back memory lane? Then you might like Argentinian photographer Irina Werning’s Back to the Future photographic series. She recreates childhood photographs of adults with such an eye for detail – right from the bad lighting, the wardrobes down to the props. You can only imagine the amount of work needed to get all of that so perfect.

(All images © Irina Werning)

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Headstands – Alex Wein


Joshi Daniel is a freelance photographer from India who has captured some very beautiful moments of the culturally diverse country, that really caught my eye. His photographs convey a strong sense of emotion that relate a soul touching story about the character.

I’m especially liking the portrait series from the “Kumbh Mela” like the ash smeared sadhu and the other bearded hindu god-men. I have chosen some of my favourite pictures from his photoblog for this post which you see above.

(All images © Joshi Daniel and are reproduced with his permission.)

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Travel North Korea

Today I have been enjoying the beautiful double exposure photography of Andre De Freitas. Double exposures are created by double exposing film to produce interesting and unique results which is not a new technique in photography and has become quite common in the digital era, thanks to Photoshop and other software’s.  I had also done a post some time back on Daniella Zalcmans’s double exposure photographic series of New-York and London. 

You can find the double / multiple exposure tool in your DSLR camera’s setting and try some shots yourself and tell me how you liked it. For inspiration, look at some more original work from different photographers here.


Already in his mid-thirties and as established figure in the Japanese creative world, Nobuyoshi Araki undertook a pseudo-photographic documentary project “starring” a girl he met in real life, whose character moves from the southern island of Kyushu to the bright lights of Tokyo. Look at more pictures and follow the photographic tale of one woman’s struggles in Tokyo, circa 1977 on We Heart.

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