Look at how pretty and delicate Olga Inoue’s jewellery is !! She fills glass beads and tiny bottles with dry flowers, leaves, moss and other beautiful things she finds in forest and gardens. On her blog, she writes that you can send her “little nature treasures as seeds, stones, dry flowers, twigs, anything” and she will try to create something out of it for you. What a lovely thought, isn’t it?

Olga used to be a teacher at a development centre in Russia, teaching children how to create stuff by themselves and she draws her inspiration from children and nature which you can clearly see in all her work – drawings, postcards, pottery and other miniatures.


Stacking big bangles and cuffs is in trend this season. You can combine and play around with shapes and colors to make that perfect bold accessory for the plainest outfits.  Resin bangles have an organic look which is something I quite like about them. I especially love the transparent ones which pick up colors of what you’re wearing. They can be handcrafted and personalized to suit your tastes and what’s more is that they can very easily be made at home.  Simple and understated, these pieces of jewelry can become your very own wearable art. So I have to try this out soon.

I have added an instructional video below for those of you who are as excited as me to try making bangles this weekend.

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Worknest is a handcrafted, modular workplace for creative people designed by Wictoria Lenart from Wroclaw, Poland.

The idea was developed to enable the user to create his/her own work station giving a personal touch to the setting. It also adds the play element where accessories can be moved around, something that we creative people enjoy most.

I came across New Zealand based industrial designer Casey Lin’s sleek and well-designed Timbre Speaker. The speaker is stripped off all superfluous details letting the inherent qualities of the materials be the core of the design. Wood and glass were chosen for their natural acoustic qualities with power and audio ports well hidden at the rear of the wooden box. Surface transducers are mounted inside the wooden box, vibrating the surface and turning the box into a speaker. You can move the glass vessels over the wood to create vibrations to change the timbre of the sound to suit your tastes. I also like how the dark walnut wood adds warmth to the appearance while glass adds to the elegance. You are also encouraged to experiment with different materials and placements on the wooden box to find the timbre you enjoy most, making it such a playful design.

Mason Jar Lights

Totally obsessed with how simple it is to create these Mason Jar lights. I will definitely be trying it out.

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