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After I came across the post about Secret Operation 610 on Design Boom’s blog, I have literally become obsessed with the unconventional work of Dutch design and research studio Rietveld Landscape.

Half sculpture and half research center, the Secret Operation 610 art installation of Rietveld Landscape and Studio Havermans is a moving object that crawls through the landscape of a former cold war military base during the Vrede van Utrecht 2013 festival (the peace of Utrecht). It moves at an excruciatingly slow pace allowing its visitor to experience the area and the history of the military airbase in new ways. Everything about this aircraft is so science fiction – it’s wings that descend to the ground, it’s futuristic interiors and the weaponry context.

While you’re at it, also look through Rietveld Landscape’s other projects .



I’v been following the work of French artist Greg Guillemin for some time now and I must say that his hilarious series called The Secret Life of Superheroes has been quite entertaining. It captures everyday life moments of our superheroes in ways we would never imagine them. Yeah, so what, our heroes can also have a very normal life, isn’t it? Some of his pictures are NSFW and I could not put them up on this site.

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ClayVille – Carl Savio

homes.indd homes.indd homes.indd homes.indd homes.indd

Loving these cute illustrations of different types of dwelling spaces conceptualised by South African artist duo Megan Bird and Lizanne Visser of  Driehoek. I agree with them that our homes become an extension of our personalities and it defines who we are. The colours are lovely and his detailing is so wonderful, making you characterize the owner of that house.

yoy_canvas_05yoy_canvas_06yoy_canvas_12yoy_canvas_11 yoy_canvas_13yoy_canvas_07 yoy_canvas_08 yoy_canvas_09

A Tokyo based design studio called YOY works around the theme of creating a new story between space and objects. Canvas is from their latest works where the design duo Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto use an elasticated fabric mounted on an aluminum frame, sketched these very pretty european inspired chairs and sofa’s onto it and you can see the result.

Fishing_Tang_Chiew_1Fishing_Tang_Chiew_4Fishing_Tang_Chiew_2 Fishing_Tang_Chiew_3

Malaysian graphic designer Tang Chiew Ling has done a series of fun illustrations using leaves to create a mix of art, fashion and illustration. He has incorporated colours, texture, form and the natural withering behaviour of leaves for his artwork.

Below you can see the work by another Malaysian artist called Hong Yi who uses the Gerbera flower petals to experiment and create exotic birds.

Fishing_Red_Hong_yi_1 Fishing_Red_Hongyi_2 Fishing_Red_Hongyi_3 Fishing_Red_Hongyi_4



Look at how pretty and delicate Olga Inoue’s jewellery is !! She fills glass beads and tiny bottles with dry flowers, leaves, moss and other beautiful things she finds in forest and gardens. On her blog, she writes that you can send her “little nature treasures as seeds, stones, dry flowers, twigs, anything” and she will try to create something out of it for you. What a lovely thought, isn’t it?

Olga used to be a teacher at a development centre in Russia, teaching children how to create stuff by themselves and she draws her inspiration from children and nature which you can clearly see in all her work – drawings, postcards, pottery and other miniatures.

Jean and Dylan, both industrial designers, came together to start the Ladies and Gentlemen Studio in 2012, as an offset to their online vintage store. They developed a set of studio originals that repurpose and embellish vintage objects inspired by their everyday discoveries, explorations and surroundings

I must say that I find the Cane and Able collection absolutely delightful. I’m loving the vintage cane as one of the supportive legs for the stool – also very functional.

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