Hi, I’m Lynn and love for all things creative is my passion. Being a fashion designer myself and now a fashion buyer, I have seen and built elements of art. Art and Design are like food for me. I constantly feed myself with art forms from various walks of life, its the reason I wear a huge smile on my face when I wake up every morning. That’s how Fishing for Smiles was born. I wanted to put together everything and whatever I find inspiring, interesting, or simply beautiful in music, interiors, fashion, design, art, photography and other creative fields. So this is my personal diary, except that it isn’t personal anymore.

I don’t promise to heal the world or save the universe, but I do know that my posts will bring a smile to someone the same way it has brought me one.

So go start Fishing for Smiles now! 


  1. judith said:

    Brought smiles galore to my face too. Keep sharing!

    • Thank you thebusinessdude. I enjoy reading your blog too and like the personal touch you add to your topics.

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