Archibird bird cage table – Gregoire de Lafforest

grégoire de lafforest - archibird 01

A bird cage table by French designer Grégoire de Lafforest creates a theatrical aspect to the conventional table & a nod to curiosity cabinets and bell jar taxidermy. He has collaborated with Ateliers Seewhy for its construction using an array of mediums – glass for the viewing bell domes, metal for the tree, oak wood for the frame and tensioned cables for the cage. Close attention has been paid to the tree so that it looks as natural a form as possible with “leaves” placed in the branches which are small hollow feeders to accommodate bird food. The entire piece allows for practical usage, as a surface, as well as functioning as a habitat for small birds, where they can move around the interior space freely. Very cute indeed but I’m not sure if I would like to eat at this table.

grégoire de lafforest - archibird 02grégoire de lafforest - archibird 03grégoire de lafforest - archibird 04grégoire de lafforest - archibird 05grégoire de lafforest - archibird 06


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