Nostalgic Postcards – John Hinde

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I wish we’d still be sending those handwritten letters on carefully selected postcards, so personal and yet not-so-personal at the same time.

John Hinde is an Englishman whose career in photography began long before the days of Photoshop and airbrushing. He started off as a defense photographer during the Second World War. Later, along with his wife Jutta and a lot of passion for art and a flair for design, the couple went on to document stunning postcard scenes from around the world. Hinde was involved in every bit of his symbolic snapshots, right from conceptualising to printing. His previous work in printing helped him to create pictures with high colour saturation. Hinde went on to print more than 32 million colour postcards by 1966, which were sold all over the world.

Reminiscing through these pictures, a quaint, pure and nostalgic image of London conjures in my mind. That is why I love old photographs, as I’ve said before here and here.


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