Painting or Tapestry – Caroline Larsen

1400x720-xObR_DfDDE2WK3du1400x720-Dfmy3sx_SVgfWgrK 1400x720-HDayuWsnJlYktut3 1400x720-5VnHXWXLqlFfK7jq 1400x720-fiLzdnXvEF6qtlRc 984x588-AUWuaOfSKeoJJgIy 984x588-gJGbwH51Oat7tIteWhen I first came across Caroline Larsen’s work, I was unsure of what I was looking at – oil paintings or woven tapestries.  Her work is defined by her choice of not using a thinner or filler to the oil to create these raised surfaces that seem quite complex yet so simple. They merge pixilated neo-impressionism with the idea of textile weaving. She does this by using a bag with a serrated tip to extract the paint that creates a beautiful textural surface, resulting into this illusion of being intricately hand sewn.

(All images © Caroline Larsen.)



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