Creative Imagination

“When you are completely absorbed or caught up in something, you become oblivious to things around you, or to the passage of time. It is this absorption in what you are doing that frees your unconscious and releases your creative imagination.”

— Dr. Rollo May

  1. I like the quote. This made me think of one of my favorite activities: Freudian free writing (free association). The idea is to just write – without thinking – but letting every random idea that streams through your mind flow to paper. Once the skill is practiced many good ideas will start to channel. I used to perform this activity when writing poetry, and general stories. Later, I would edit and organize for relevance and proper chronological thinking.

  2. Hi Joepederson. I too completely agree that when someone is totally into something, the end product turns out to be quite beautiful. I’m glad you liked the post.

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