Clayville – Carl Savio

Clay art is possibly one of man’s earliest creations, with a history in almost all developed cultures. Usually clay work is all the artistic evidence left from vanished cultures too.

Advertising and media man, Carl Savio, was introduced to it by coincidence when he found some clay lying about his house. From then on he has gone on to create Clayville, a series of Clay figures inspired by the characters in Gary Larson’s cartoons. Using air drying polymer clay, he mixes clay of different colours to create the desired effect and texture. For Carl, Clayville means freedom, freedom to bring out his own inner creativity through his craft.

I think clay artists are some of the most creative people when it comes to the tool of their trade. Nothing is off limits as a potential clay tool and no clay tool has just one use.

I have known Carl for several years now and his clay models have started to grow on me, makes me want to try it out too, but it isn’t as easy as it seems, I know.

(All images © Carl Savio and are reproduced with his permission.)


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