Sharon Core

Susan Headley Van Campen

Emilie Clark

Gilles Bensimon

It has almost become a ritual to check Artsy every morning because I somehow feel looking at such gorgeous pictures starts my day on a good note.

Flowers have been a “long a desired subject for artists and spectators, whether in still-lifes or as parts of larger compositions. Historically symbols of spring, rebirth, hope, love and the ephemeral nature of human life, today artists present flowers in traditional ways but also collage them from Internet images, incorporate them into fantastical sci-fi narratives, and even blow them up.” You can explore above some contemporary work that I have chosen for this post.

Artsy is an online platform to collect, share, discover and discuss about art. It provides the largest collections of contemporary art available online.

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All images © Artsy

  1. Judith said:

    Your blog is something that I look forward to each day. It is refreshing, different and full of surprises. Each post is a revelation of beauty, art, creation, innovativeness of the human mind and spirit. Keep spreading the smiles all around the globe!

    • Thanks Judith. Glad you like my posts. Keep coming back to check for more.

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