Dream houses – Alyssa Dennis

Alyssa Soil and water 2

What caught my eye about Alyssa Dennis’s architectural drawings is that her houses were more like dream houses, full of conscripted surprises. You’d see zebras, foxes and donkeys meandering about as if it were natural for them to be in these constructed palaces, reminding you of a scene from Noah’s ark. She has stacked layer after layer with tiny details like lampshades hanging about mid-air or oil drums and hay bundles lying around casually. Sometimes you’d see a balcony or a pop window where you would least expect it be or the keys of a piano creating the foundation to these ethereal houses that makes me feel I would enjoy living in such a house instead of my run-of-the-mill city flat.

“These drawings were produced with an almost scientific meticulousness, parts of which were at any moment erased, scratched into, layered upon or completely covered over. Similar to the hybridization of visual imagery within my work, I also employ myriad textures that are produced through the interaction of various mediums, including graphite, colored pencil, gouache, and ground pigment.”

“I want to depict the most romantic idea in the most detached way” Oskar Schlemmer 1915

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Alyssa is currently working on a project illustrating a handful of sustainable building projects to help them raise funds while integrating it into her own studio practice as social action. She is planning to have a show of this project in New Orleans.

She is also donating to Braddock Tiles, the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation and the Phoenix Commotion.

She can be contacted here.

(All images © Alyssa Dennis and are reproduced with her permission.)


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