Bead Curtains – Sreeti Mondol

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Memories of a Butterfly is a brand of hand crafted bead curtains conceptualised by my dear friend Sreeti Mondol.

Sreeti works out of a little outhouse in Bangalore, sourcing her materials from different parts of India and employs poor local women to string the glass beads, thus giving them the support to earn for a better livelihood.

What I absolutely love about her bead curtains is the way the glass beads play with light, creating almost magical colours and textures in the room. They act as privacy screens without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar or restaurant

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You can read more about the story behind Memories of a butterfly, her favourite designs and how you can order your curtains from this link.

(All images © Sreeti Mondol and are reproduced with her permission.)

  1. I love bead curtains and don’t understand why they are so under-rated 😦 ! Your pics are great, loving them 🙂 ! ~ Global Jewelry

  2. Reshmi said:

    I love these curtains too.. simply awesome kuddos to sreeti :*

    • Hi Reshmi, I’m glad you love the curtains as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

  3. memories of a butterfly said:

    thanks so much guys! they are underated but i am happy to say that over the last few years we have done a number of projects accross India and abroad. And it seems they has been a revival in the appreciation of bead curtains 🙂
    Lynn, thanks so much for the write up!
    here is to fun, blogging and discovering!

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